The Last Howling Sage

Parsifal by Jean Delville
Parsifal by Jean Delville

I wander restless among the benighted streets of a desolated undercity long ago vanished in a veil of oblivion. All citizens are gone but few outlaws like me. No one remembers when the artificial-sun shone for the last time before it collapsed, without neither more star-energy to reignite it nor any hope to bring back our once wondrous civilization. Into the frozen surface of this dying world all of them went. Where the waning cities still survive to fight endless wars one against the other.

Those who walk with light of their own or swear on fallen gods are hunted down to be sold as slaves or martyrs besides heroes of vanquished realms. So instead of living up there in chaos we survive under a mantle of everlasting darkness until our flickering flame still burn.

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The Awoken Maiden

The Death of the Grave Digger by Carlos Schwabe

The Death of the Grave Digger by Carlos Schwabe

I am sure that you will forgive how scarce are my writings of late, but to rule a ruined city full of menaces, enemies and whimsical overlords is not as easy as it seems. Especially if all you got is a band of drunken murderers, a legion of rebellious inhuman servants, a few deaf mad giants, a bunch of expelled patricians and the most dangerous awoken maiden in the world.

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Falling Into Dusk


Our time has come at an end. And no one knows it, yet. Until this damned night when out of mists everlasting things older than time shall awake. Even the Dark Eidolon, an Elder Spirit who swore save us in each cycle with the purest blood of mankind given as bestow of fealty, has left us in an ancient spaceship steering by an IA.

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When Silence is not Enough

Siegfried leaves Brünnhilde in search of adventure by
Arthur Rackham

Siegfried leaves Brünnhilde in search of adventure by
Arthur Rackham

I wander restless among the bleak empty streets of a city long ago vanished from men’s memory. It is too sad to remember when they could keep it alive. Now they dwell in a smallest city more close to the frozen surface of this dying world.

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